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Energy Management

The Energy Management Service aims to create a greener more energy efficient Nottingham through the delivery of cost effective services to businesses to help manage their energy demand.

Energy is a growing cost for many organisations, so reducing consumption can deliver substantial cost savings as well as making a contribution towards tackling climate change. The Energy Management Service helps organisations monitor their energy usage to reduce their energy bills and CO2 emissions and comply with energy legislation. We can help you identify which technologies could be saving you money and look for simple changes such as to how you use your equipment and staff use of energy to make big savings.  

Our Services

We can Offer the following services to businesses, public sector and third sector organisations.

  • Energy saving strategy – We can help you develop a strategy for saving energy, from better monitoring and control, to behaviour change activities, energy efficiency technologies, and energy generation equipment. With colleagues in [energy projects], we can provide the full service (or any part) from strategy development, to energy management, to identifying savings opportunities,  project managing equipment installation, and managing the technologies afterwards.  We can even put together a joint approach with the NCC facilities management team to run your whole site.
  • Reporting – We produce monthly, or even real time, reports that make it easy to see how buildings are consuming energy and generating CO2 This can help you identify areas for improvement, and track how much impact energy projects are having. Expert review: Our team of experts rigorously analyse the energy data to identify specific issues and opportunities to reduce consumption, and provide advice and guidance on how to deliver them.
  • Bill validation– We can use the data gathered from clients’ meters, and our understanding of energy taxation, to validate utility bills and ensure they are only paying what they should.
  • Staff engagement – We can engage with your staff to help them make behavioural changes which can contribute to making a difference.  These small changes, such as turning off light switches, can typically see cost reductions of around 10%.
  • Compliance Reporting – We can assist you to comply with regulatory requirements such as ESOS and CRC.