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Energy Projects Service

The Energy Projects Service aims to create a greener more energy efficient Nottingham through the delivery of commercial energy efficiency projects.

The Energy Projects Service helps organisations and businesses to reduce their energy bills and CO2 emissions and comply with environmental legislation. We can help you identify which technologies could be saving you money and look for simple changes as to how your business in particular your staff use energy to make big savings.  We can offer a whole service from identifying opportunities through site surveys to installing energy saving and renewable energy technologies for you using our Internal Energy Delivery Team.

Whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment or secure future low carbon energy generation for your business, we are a trusted local specialist team delivering renewable energy solutions and advice across Nottingham and the East Midlands area.

Our Services

We can Offer the following services to business, organisations and residents of Nottingham:

  • Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate – We offer high quality EPC assessments, which are required by law if a property is being leased or sold
  • Domestic Energy Performance Certificate – undertaken by our fully qualified EPC Assessors, an EPC is required for any landlord renting or selling a domestic property
  • Renewable energy opportunities including audit of existing technologies – fully qualified assessors can identify renewable energy opportunities that can benefit your business including undertaking audits of existing technologies. We can also provide a one stop shop for your PV needs from project management to installation.
  • EE Monitor – Smart meter able to provide residents and housing associations with more control over their energy usage.
  • Identify areas of potential monetary and energy savings – utilising our specialist knowledge in energy efficiency to identify areas that could save you and your business money.
  • Domestic energy efficiency – working with landlords and homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of homes
  • Display Energy Certificate – required for any property that has a total useable area of 250m2 or above, is frequently visited by the public and is either partially or wholly occupied by public authorities

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